With the shortest commute time (by car, bike or ferry), it doesn't take long to understand why Sausalito has long been a top pick for city folks who decide to vacate "the city".  This quaint town offers some of the best views of the San Francisco skyline and the bay throughout the Bay Area. There is a promenade that meanders along the waters edge and throughout the town.  Eclectically the housing stock is made up of everything from funky houseboats to multi-million dollar homes. 

Originally built up during WWII as a shipbuilding center, Sausalito eventually became a destination for artists and water lovers from all over the world.  Today, A true community exists along the Caledonia corridor of town.  There are quaint shops, galleries a local market and multiple restaurant options.  

Over the past several years more and more start up companies have moved to Sausalito to take advantage of the beauty and creative energy, which flows, throughout the town.  


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