Novato is the second largest town in Marin and it offers a balanced sense of community, history and privacy.  As the community has grown so have the local services.  While the local, large stores such as Costco and Target add to the convenience of living here, the lively downtown has held on to its history and offers quaint, yet modern day boutiques, bars & restaurants and community events on Tuesday evenings.

Lifestyle is the name of the game in Novato.  The Bel Marin Keys neighborhood is one of the few areas in Marin where you can live on the water while accessing your boat at the end of your pier.  Take Indian Valley Road and discover estate, luxury homes on large parcels that offer swimming pools, guest homes and room for your horses.   Hamilton Field is an ex-military base that was converted to new housing and a business park.  

The schools, businesses, weather and conveniences grant locals the joy to live, work and play within the city limits. 


~Atherton Ranch  ~Belle Terre  ~Bel Marin Keys  ~Black Point  ~Buchanan Street  ~Cheda Knolls~  Country Club Estates  ~Ferris Gardens  ~Greenpoint  ~Hamilton Field  ~Hamilton Park  ~Hamilton Woods  ~Hill Park  ~Hill Rd/Tamalpais  ~Hillside Park  ~Ignacio Valley  ~Indian Valley  ~Loma Verde  ~Marin Highlands  ~McKeon Ct  ~Meadow Park  ~NE Novato  ~Oak Forest  ~Oak View  ~Pacheco Valle Woods  ~Partridge Knolls  ~Pleasant Valley  ~Pleasant Valley Center  ~Pointe Marin  ~President  ~Ridgewood  ~Rowland-Sunset Parkway  ~San Marin  ~San Marin East  ~Scottsdale Pond  ~Sunny Cove  ~Upper Fairway  ~Village Marin Meadows  ~Wild Horse Valley  ~Wildwood Glen

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