Mill Valley

Ahhh Mill Valley..Located approximately 14 miles north of San Francisco via the Golden Gate Bridge, this iconic small town has been recognized over the years as one of the best small towns to live in America.   Walk through downtown and experience the boutiques, upscale clothing stores, coffee shops, art & yoga studios, gourmet grocery stores and the eclectic locals. Surrounded by redwoods, the Depot, which has historically has been the transit hub, is also the center of town.  The Depot plaza represents an area to meet up, start a hike, play chess, practice playing the sitar or just enjoy the surrounding beauty.  Various public staircases and mountain bike routes encourage exercise.   


Homes in Mill Valley generally range from $1,000,000 and up.  Lifestyle is expensive, but worth it!



~Almonte Alto  ~Sutton Manor  ~Blithedale Canyon  ~Boyle Park ~Cascade Canyon  ~Country Club  ~Downtown  ~East Blithedale Corridor  ~Enchanted Knolls  ~Eucalyptus Knolls  ~Homestead Valley  ~Marin Terrace  ~Middle Ridge  ~Mill Valley Heights  ~Miller Avenue ~Molino Edgewood  ~Old Mill  ~Panoramic  ~Strawberry  ~Sycamore Park  ~Tam Valley ~Tamalpais Park


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