Helping you BUY your home

Know the market ◘ Be Connected ◘ Negotiate ◘ Close 

While working with Chris DeNike and the Sunny Marin Team you will be treated to first class service and professional representation.  

Common Goals

Be aware of all potential opportuntities

Clear communication

Stay in tune with market dynamics

Be proactive when opportunities arise

Organized transaction management

Close the deal

The Buying Process

Get pre-approved

Resist large purchases until you buy your home

Hire a Realtor

Create a wish list








         ~Local amenities

Decide which town(s) you want to live in

Have your Realtor create a custom search

Tour properties with your agent

Interact with your agent at least once a week

Identify your property

Go over disclosure package with your Realtor

Make an offer

Go into contract

Wire deposit to Title Company

Order inspections



         ~Sewer Lateral

Evaluate results of inspections with your Realtor

Potentially negotiate for a credit or price reduction

Increase deposit

Prepare your banker to wire balance of funds to close

Schedule movers

Sign loan documents

Transfer utilities into your name(s)

Close escrow


Escrow Management

Open escrow

Prepare timeline & Escrow worksheet

Schedule and organize inspections

Attend inspections and summarize findings

Get quotes for work needed and negotiate issues

Manage contractual deadlines

Manage financial commitments with lender

Review and Collect signatures on disclosure documents

Prepare file for closing

Attend closing at title company

Close escrow

Deliver closing package to seller